How your membership helps

The parish of Totteridge has 1,980 households of which approximately 200 households are within the Totteridge Conservation area.

Our ability to look after your interests often requires resources, particularly when we need to seek advice from professionals. However the main strength of our Association is in its membership numbers – the more members we have within our TRA the more might we have to deal with the issues which affect Totteridge.

How it works


£5 minumum per household per year

Membership Year

Runs from January to December

How to apply

Membership form application

Residents may apply or renew their subscriptions at any time. Download and fill in the membership form by pressing the download here button below. If you have any further questions, please fill out our contact form to speak to one of our committee members.

Standing order

It would help our association a lot if you can pay your annual membership subscription by standing order. The information on how to do this is outlined in the membership form.