December 20, 2016

Motor Vehicle Crime

A significant proportion of theft from motor vehicle offences are preventable. With the darker nights firmly upon us we’re urging drivers to be more aware of the state they leave their vehicles in, to prevent opportunistic thefts.   

There are three quick things we should always do when leaving our vehicle which will prevent most thefts from happening:   

  1. Test the door handle to ensure your vehicle has locked correctly.   
  2. Ensure no coats, bags or valuables are left on display.   
  3. Wipe away any marks on your windscreen left by satellite navigation units. 

Many newer cars are locked /unlocked using a key fob - if a door is left slightly open, the car will not lock. You may hear a noise when you press the button but please check. This is easy to miss if we are in a hurry, or if children fail to close a door properly.  Try not to accidently press the fob which may unlock the car again after you have secured it.

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