September 05, 2017

Barnet Council allows Darlands to be leased to a Trust

A new Charitable Trust, 'The Darlands Trust' is being set up after a meeting was held on 4th September 2017 at Barnet Council to grant a lease to an appropriate group to manage the Darlands Nature Reserve. For over 20 years, there has been increasing concern by the local community that the Darlands is falling into disrepair and this decline urgently needs to be halted. It is of vital importance to protect the fauna and flora as well as ensuring that the lake is properly maintained in order that wildlife may flourish.

Who forms the Trust?

London Wildlife Trust (founded 1981) -     Dedicated  to protecting London’s Wildlife and Nature Reserves, managing 41 nature reserves around the capital 

Totteridge Manor Association(founded1954) -     Responsible for maintaining 54 acres of green spaces around Totteridge. Expertise in woodland and pond management

Totteridge Residents’ Association (founded 1937) -     Committed to protecting, preserving and improving the amenities enjoyed by residents and visitors to the Totteridge area. 

Mill Hill Preservation Society (founded 1949) -     Committed to the preservation of Mill Hill and protection of the Green Belt

One Totteridge and Mill Hill Councillor  

The aim is to sensitively restore the Nature Reserve, ensuring free access is maintained for everyone. The future of the Green Belt is uncertain, so it is essential that a Trust be established in order that the Darlands is protected now and for future generations. Barnet Council will retain ownership and a ransom strip will be placed around the boundary to prevent any possibility of development. If the Trust fails, the lease will be terminated. In 2000, a Millennium Fayre, was held on Totteridge Green to raise money for the restoration of the Darlands Lake and this fund is still available. This is a local community project and its success will depend on everyone coming together to raise further funds to support and protect what is a jewel in the Totteridge and Mill Hill Green Belt. 


To register your support, please email Totteridge Residents’ Association on:

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